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VW EOS key not turning into switch and low battery


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Please help me Scotty.. Volkswagen EOS 3.2L 2009. Mileage is 140k km.. Bought from dealership 2 years ago. Only need to start it now as it not jump starting at all.. While Key not turning into switch same time. I am suffering 5 months so far with no one to being able to give good diagnosis and fix. First happened was like battery issue then 3 months later same happened and 2 months later.. Key got stuck while trying to run car.. Tried 3 hours but in vain.. Next morning it worked normally and smoothly. 2 days later was taking few extra seconds to ignate. Then key did not turn into switch after 1hr trip.. Then never be able to jump start it.. 2 days later.. Easily jump started and kept working normally 1 week with key sometimes got hard turning into switch. Then I needed to jump start it each week.. Then each couple of days. And now I tried and engine was about to ignate but not.. Tried many times to jump start it but my couldn't ever. I connect my jump back to the driver side battery and it sucks all of its power in few seconds and was about to be melted away. What that mean.. Before I used to leave jump back on battery to charge and nothing happened. How to just jump start it now?

Some diagnosed to be battery issue, others as related to fuel pump and some to be switch or key but no any proofs.. 

Before I had only the yellow fault of steering wheel and EPS after jump starting but disapper in minute as am driving.. 

Both battery voltage is good as 6.2v

Tried to disconnect and reconnect batteries in 15m but in vain

Tried all possible online ways but no luck

Pleeeeeeeez help

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Check the alternator for your vehicle. They may be an issue within the wiring between the battery and the alternator.