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[Solved] Tesla Security Hacked


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Just to say I've no interest in buying or owning an electric vehicle, but are Tesla cars really so unsafe as to have this happen?


Tesla Hacked!!!

Please remember that this newspaper is known for writing false or misleading articles, but really?

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If you want a car that can't be hacked remotely you can always get one of these.

I want an older car again, I miss my Camaro. What's the situation with E10 and older American cars as over here in the UK it's not sounding very promising

We've had E10 here in the U.S. for a long time. I don't like it but have not seen any problems in my older vehicles. You may need to replace rubber fuel lines and the carb internals with ethanol-resistant parts, but if they're very old those should be replaced anyway.

Strangely the car pictured above while not exactly selling in big numbers in the UK was one of the few U.S. models commonly available there from what I was told by an expat Englishman some years ago. (He had owned one there nd used it to pull a trailer.)


Hacks happen all the time, and not just to cars. 

Anything man made can be man broken.

Ford Pass had similar problems as well. I know everyone likes to throw shade on Tesla here, but in reality all the manufacturers have cybersecurity risks. Its inevitable at this point.


From what I understand, the Tesla as it comes from the factory was not hacked.

Owners knowingly installed 3rd party remote software (Teslamate) into their car, and left it unsecured, which made it vulnerable.


It's the same as if you installed a keypad entry lock on your house, and left the factory code 0-0-0-0 on it.


Buy and fix up older cars, simple.

Wish I could, I need both hips and a knee replaced so fixing anything up is beyond me till I've been fixed up first


I've heard that some Google app (called SOLI RADAR) may be put in vehicles to monitor the interior and the exterior of the vehicle including the driver and who else is in the vehicle. I like tech that helps us but it also helps those that like to spy on people.

that's like saying the touch-free soap dispenser in the bathroom is spying on you

Yeah, right. Maybe you should take a look at this. It's far beyond touch free soap dispensers.

I know. They're more precise, but it's not like it knows who you are or something. It's an interface. It's meant to replace buttons.
There's already hardware that can spy on you a lot better. They're called cameras.