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Need help why my honda accord keeps long cranking and misfiring


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2010 Honda Accord Ex 4cyl Automatic
75k miles. Purchased at 59k miles

Long story short my 2010 honda accord 4cyl auto keeps long cranking and giving code for crank sensor when i give it licks of gas to start OR if i flood it to start it starts misfiring cyl 2 and 3 and random misfires aswell as crank sensor code.

New battery
Fuel pressure good
Injectors cleaned
New oem crank sensor 6 months ago
Throttle and maf cleaned
New NGK plugs
Good name brand 87 gas (never under 1/4 tank)
All fluids oem and new. Runs like new when no codes/problems

Note im using k and n box filter + throttle controller for eco mode (Not sure if that matters)

Temporary fix ive done is started tapping to start. Misfire temp went away. But crank sensor engine light on and vsa/traction

*** Other people are saying this may occur if an aftermarket starter is installed. It affect crank sensor and throws misfires. I dont see how thats the case when i hear it crank and hear fuel filter priming

The car is low miles at 75k and bought at 59k miles. No clue how starter could fail and be replaced early on.

If anyone has any clues why it long cranks pls let me know


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If you are using an oiled K&N air filter, it could be contaminating your MAF with oil.  Only use a dry filter, never oiled.  What is the exact code(s) being shown? 

I didnt oil it tbh.

P0302 p0339 po300 po303


Check for a poor or grounded connection in the crank position sensor circuit.