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What are some problems with 2002 4runner.


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It has 179k miles the tranny and oil have been changed throughout its life. And what can I do to make sure that the 4runner keeps the Toyota reliability?

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Keep up with regular maintenance. Change the coolant and spark plugs as well. Do the timing belt.  

When you say change coolant, do you mean add more coolant or flush it out and add new coolant?

Follow your car owner's manual.

I think the waterpump is driven by the timing belt (at least on the sequoia it is) so when you do the timing belt I would go ahead and change the waterpump and the coolant then. You can buy a kit on Amazon for like 215 dollars at least for the sequoia you can. It includes belt, Waterpump, Thermostat and a few other things. Use the toyota pink coolant.  Change timing belt every 90000 dont go over.