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Lexus ES330 Acceleration Hesitation


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Scotty,my 2004 lexus es330 with 44k miles takes a long time to accelerate. It is a known issue, i believe. Would a good fuel injection cleaning resolve the issue. I am using 87 gas, by the way. 

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Check the MAF sensor for carbon build up. Also check the battery terminals for corrosion.

This engine is not really known for carbn buildup and it has 44k miles, so I don't think that is the issue. I saw online that people had the same problems and their advice was to clean the fuel injectors. Would that help restore the acceleration?

I doubt that it is the fuel injectors. It's most likely lack of spark but there could be several issues since it is 18 years old with low miles. If the battery is weak or dirty it can cause poor ignition because the alternator is working to charge the battery and create spark at the same time. Take the battery cables off and clean them. Even if they look ok. Lexus uses copper cable ends and they will corrode just from being exposed to another metal.

Next check the condition of the battery and alternator. If you don't have a tester a parts store will test them for free. Also check the MAF sensor. It has nothing to do with carbon in the engine. It is located on the air intake between the filter and intake manifold. It sensees the amount of air coming in and the computer used the data to determine the amount of fuel going to the injectors. It used two metal coils. When the car is shut off the computer heats those coils to burn off impurities. Eventually carbon builds up and it needs to be cleaned off using MAF cleaner. Scotty has a video


Clarification: What items have you already checked?


Could be a dozen different reasons, from a clogged air filter to catalytic converters gone bad. No codes?

There are phone apps that will give you 0-60 times, maybe you are expecting more than a 17 year old sedan ever delivered. The current ones have over 300 hp.