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Window goes down but not up


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  • Hello Scotty. 99 Honda CR-V 300+ Kms auto matic no trouble codes. Passenger power window rolls down but not up.  Using a test light I confirmed power at the switch power at regulator up and down power confirmed. Using drivers switch amd passenger switch same results confirmed power up and down but window only goes down. If I supply regulator with direct 12v power goes up and down.  Help!
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Clean all the crud out of the mechanism and give it some fresh grease. Also put some silicone grease in the window tracks. See if that helps.


It's likely that the reason the window will go down but not up is this thing called "gravity". It makes ehe motor have to work harder to push the window up so any weakness will show up in that direction first. That car is 23 years old so it is very likely the window regulator needs to be lubricated, or the motor is weak, or both.