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Would ATS Chemical 505 cause build up in the kittys?


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I've been warned before for other cleaners that whatever you clean out of your cylinders it could possibly build up in your exhaust, specifically the catalytic converters. This is all theoretical I have no examples but I'm just curious if its a double edge sword. If you clean your cylinders then you restrict your cats? If they can prove no build up occurs in the cats then they better get more capital for production cause that sounds like a win-win, hands-down. Unless the sky gods hate it I guess. Thank you so much for help, you're an inspiration and motivation. Scotty Kilmer -the Saint of vehicles.

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cats shouldn't "build up" if they're working properly.

They get to hundreds or thousands of degrees and "catalyze" or consume contaminants so they go out your tailpipe, so they're sort of self-cleaning. Carbon deposits should be turned into harmless CO2.

Yes, using a cleaner may deliver a heavier "load" to the cats when you're using it, but if you're not constantly flushing crud down the exhaust (it would have to be a VERY dirty engine) then it should be fine.

And after all, I'd rather have deposits in my cats (which I can replace) than on my valves, or in the engine where I can't get to them.