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Landlords Banning Electric Vehicles


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Hi Scotty,

I live in Canada about a hour and a half north of Toronto. I've been an Mechanic for over 30 years. I have taught Auto in High School for over 20 years. My classes love your videos. I wanted you to see this article of Toronto landlord banning electric vehicles. Always agree with everything you say about any car repairs and the problems associated with electric vehicles. Thank you for everything you do.,permitted%20anywhere%20on%20the%20property.

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On this side of the border, we're having a big problem with badly made lithium batteries catching fire while charging. I would hope that the NTSB or some other agency would set standards for them - 19 deaths in the US in 2022.


I love that tenants are trying to argue that parking an electric vehicle in the building is a "human right"  LoL .

And of course the CBC (Trudeau's paid lap-dog) article is slanted with the tenants.