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[Solved] traction control activation


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Now to explain,

2005 Chrysler 300 C rear wheel driven second owner, brought at 58,000.00 now has 170,000miles.

Traction control light can be shut off inside the auto as well pull the 50amp out the top under the hood. 

Only wonder if the amp covers more than traction control. 

I have no codes

I have the light come on during ice or snow this is the correct timing as we know.

When spring and summer here should not be coming on on a right turn or low deep sit in the road come up comes on holds on, or blinks comes back stays.

So, I ran a test axle notice with a second driver wheel left speed senor triggered zero to 2 to 33 percent change. Ordered change this out took a while then set in stone the right back to same problem though the blinking stays on and now comes on while you press on the gas while driving just pass 20 miles prehour. I had change out the hub a year before might have over torque down, but I recall I was correct.

No noise coming from the hub but also no traction control light a year ago. 

Dealership I took my ride o claims no codes I KNOW I SAID. They see the problem when driving just remove the fuse they say, after long conversations 300 hundred has an unknow reason this happens.

Here's where I'm at, 

ABS, back breaks if the back brakes go back will this affect the traction control,

Next question traction control monitor connect to the ABS runs with it gets dirty rubber bushings wear need to replace, Dealer claims no one will have Chrysler stop making the part. As well ABS as well this made no sense. If I buy from the yard and replace have to be low miles or at least 2010 ride or the traction control won't last long in theory. I can buy use online on EBay 220.00 still have to have a dealer reprogram for the ride, if the computer the problem. 

I feel lost here maybe the best way is just pulling the fuse forget it, drive the auto and sell it I have 4200 rebuilding the engine already over people who can't change oil right. 

One thing is there a center senor under the seat of the auto controls the balance this effects traction control.



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Realized those 300Cs are electronic nightmares as they age. Unless you want to pay a guy like me. 150 bucks an hour for God. Knows how much time to do bidirectional testing and analysis of that system. I would personally just say unplug the stupid system and drive it with normal mon ABS brakes

Thanks Scotty,
Today the ABS and ECS brake came on raining hard today as the light stays on.
I'm pulling the 50AMP out had enough.