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Contacting Scotty


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How can I reach Scotty Kilmer?


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How do I ask Scotty a question directly?


Where/when can I see Scotty live?


This is an open community forum.  Scotty intended it as a free public resource, so that people could help each other out. Anybody can join, and everybody can participate.

It is impossible for Scotty to help everybody personally, but he does read the forum and answers here whenever he can, and has helpful hand-picked moderators to make sure no questions fall through the cracks. He also picks some questions out of the forum to feauture on his daily Youtube videos.


Scotty also broadcasts a LIVE streaming show on Youtube twice per week, where he answers your questions live on air (via chat).

  • Thursdays: 1:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
  • Saturdays: 10:00 AM (Central Standard Time)


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In Person


Scotty Kilmer lives in Clarksville, Tennessee. He checks out cars Monday to Friday.

If you want to request an appointment to bring your car to Scotty, send him an email:

Use a clear email subject like "Appointment Request" so Scotty doesn't miss it.

Make sure you provide your availability, vehicle details, and explain the problem with the vehicle or what you would like Scotty to do.


Scotty also visits Rhode Island a few months out of the year, and takes appointments there. Watch his daily videos to see when he's there.