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Vehicle won't move after bang in rear


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Hi Scotty,

i have 199,000 miles on my 02 Chevy Trailblazer . Yesterday, I was driving and I heard a big bang from the rear on the driver side. I couldn’t pull forward or backward it’s seem the rear back wheels was locked or stuck. 

I checked my parking brake. The parking brake wasn’t on. I have fresh rotors and brakes around.

Can you help me out? I hope I do not have to replace my truck. Hope something I’ve been fixed myself for a shop?





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Are you sure the rear wheels are locked? You could have lost a universal joint and the driveshaft is no longer connected. On the other hand if they are locked up I'd first check that the parking brake mechanism didn't lock up, and if not that pull the differential cover to see if it self-destructed internally.