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03 nissan muerano trouble shooting


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Hi im Rebecca and I have a 03 nissan muerano awd like a month ago out of the blue I was turning left and my car started jerk8ng and stopped I tried to turn it over and nothing then I waited and it started only to do the same thing again I changed the camshaft sensors and it was fine for a couple of weeks then bam again turning left lost all power and so I thaught it was the alternator sence my dad got me this last summer a used one from the pick and pull so yesterday my brother and I went and got a refurbish one from advance auto I helped him put it in everything was fine then last night the battery light came on and the break light which the break was not on I dont understand what is going on can you please help me .ps my boyfriend loves your show ps my brother did not put the pulls back in right I didn't give him all the peaces could that be it or is it that by disconnecting the batery erased all the memory and codes 

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Welcome here! Next time please use exclamation marks to make your texts easier to read. Thank you.