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2014 Rav4 Torque Converter Software Upadate


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Hello All, 

Have a 2014 Rav4 Auto, 84k I am not experiencing any issues with the Torque converter shutter problem or any other issues with the trans.  But I am concerned if it applies to my car or not.  I made a appointment with my Toyota Dealer (Who maintains the car) to have the Software update for the Torque converter at a cost close to $300.00. Should I have this done? and how do i know if it affects my car.  They say to get this done now to prevent the problem from happening, because if the issue starts and you get the the update then it would be to late and you would have to have the torque converter replace! (at a cost close to $4500.00). I contacted Toyota Corp and I am awaiting a response. which will be next week.  But i guess i am a worry wart when it comes to my cars. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated!! I know this is long and i apologize. 

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You should get the software update. The 2013, 2014 and 2015 Rav 4 models are the ones affected. For a better understanding, watch this video by the Car Care Nut. Good luck.

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Thank you for a response!  I have been watching TCCN for at least a year or better.  When AMD made 

that video that is when i started to worry!! HA HA.  Especially when he said to get it done before u have the issue, because once u get the issue your done!!!  I hope to hear from toyota today to see what can be done. it feels like extortion. you either pay the dealer now for the update or you pay the dealer later for a new torque converter ...  

My daughter had a 2012 Camry. It developed the shudder and shortly afterwards the transmission failed. I sold my 2014 Camry before the shudder occurred. I agree that Toyota should provide the update for free since they caused the problem, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

Yes, you are right! Just got off the phone with Toyota and basically they told me to go swing basically !!! Its crazy for a software update almost $300.00. Im not a mechanic so basically i have no idea what goes into this mechanically! Thank You for you time and input!!!