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[Solved] Super-coolant additive cured a cooling system issue?


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Good morning everyone hope all is well. I didn't know how else to title this but its somethin I've noticed after pouring in a whole super-coolant additive. It was Rislone but 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo cheers to a lil over 175K miles and still strong so I noticed there were times after being driven and it sit for an hour I'd open the hood to see coolant was spit somewhere from the bottom of the radiator on to that bottom bay area at which I was always confused so it was last week I bought Rislone super-coolant to see if it'd cure the problem and after a week I noticed it no longer happens hinting it cured the cooling system issue. What was it about that additive it stopped the spitting of coolant? Hot Spots?

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Well I would assume that coolant has some type of sealer in it. Realize the radiators are made out of plastic and our crimped till the aluminum fins and they often sleep there in a little sealer. Will stop it from leaking there