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02 Nissan Sentra... Critters??


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2002 Nissan Sentra 128k miles, 1.8 liter, auto  runs and drives fine. Everything works. good little car. Bought it from the son of a 90 something year old lady. Car sat for a while before i got it. been driving it over a year with no probs. keeping it clean inside and out and under the hood. from time to time, empty acorn shells drop from under the passenger dash, and a pack of cookies i left in a shopping bag in my trunk got nibbled, Could critters be living in my car all this time? I use it daily, dont park under any trees, or leave the car loaded with junk. And aside from the cookies, dont usually have food stored in the car. And i havent seen any droppings or nest material. put in a new fan resistor a few months ago and it was clean under the dash. wth could be eating my cookies?


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You have critters - DECON!


Check out this story -

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Car sat for a while before i got it.

This is your problem right here. The vehicle needs to be fumigated thoroughly.

Try this -