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1970 challenger opinions


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hey scotty what do you think of a 1970 dodge challenger R/T 426 HEMI 4speed 

76000 kms and the owner is asking for 20k canadian but it needs some work

thank you for your time

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Cool car but definitely check for RUST as @ChuckTobias mentioned. They are famous for that, and body panels do not come easy or cheap.

If it needs work, I'd try to have a ballpark on how much it will cost to get it fixed up decent. They can become huge money pits, as can any project car, if you don't do research first.


Cool car - check carefully for RUST.


If you find that they're asking too much based on @Mod_Man and @ChuckTobais advice and want to find a classic car to turn into a project, get into checking out estate auctions. I almost bought a 1972 Cadillac Sedan Deville with a 400 V8 for $1900 earlier this summer at an estate auction. It was garaged and untouched for 38 years. Only reason I didn't is I have three other classic cars I'm fixing up already, lol. You can find interesting old cars for cheap that way. Also look for unpopular old cars. You'll find a deal. I paid $750 for my '79 Pontiac Catalina, only needed a near-complete brake job and new tires to make it driveable!

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1970 challengers are not too common now, especially with the 426 HEMI, so I'd say it's a good purchase. 76k kilometers is only 47k miles, and 20k Canadian is only $15,795 US dollars. But the main question is: How much work does it need and what kind of work does it need?

it only needs a paint job and a clutch disc

Really? That's all? Will overall that sounds like a pretty good deal, just check for rust and directly ask the owner of there's anything else wrong. From my experience you have to sometimes push the owner to actually tell you what other things are wrong with the car, try and see if you can contact him by phone or go look at the car yourself. If that deal is legit and that's the real milage I'd say purchase it, even if you end up having to do some extra work the car is worth a lot of money in top condition.


A 1970 Challenger with only 76000kms - NO WAY.  The speedo has probably turned over at least once.

Not really
the car was sitting for 47 years in his garage. he said he striped the paint because he didn't like the brown and then he got lazy and didn't finish the job
i bought it 3 days ago and it took 5 minutes to fire up after sitting most of its life, that's nothing and i drove it from tappen BC to vancouver and i had zero problems


Your biggest culprit would be hidden rust/rot. I would crawl all over that baby and look for any previous hidden body work. Rust repair can cost a fortune. Also check the VIN history to verify it not a "clone" hemi.


Check for rust, especially since ur in Canada. If it's good and it runs good, go ahead and buy it for the weekends, I do like them more than the more modern ones.