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1995 Civic engine jerks when shutting off


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I have a question my 95 civic comes with a carborator engine. When I comes from a trip and shuts the ignition of the car after shutting makes a jerking sound and then shuts. I don't know what's the problem.. 

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With something that old, the float level and accelerator pump diaphragm adjustments are usually way off.  In your case, I agree with Scotty.  Either get a rebuild kit, get a new carb or get a Weber Carburetor replacement kit. 


Where are those old carburetors a lot of times you take them on a long trip. I get funky when you turn them off. I got a car like that when I took a trip. I had to let it sit for at least an hour before starting it up or it would be flooded out cuz the carburetor drip fluid in. Offenade. They need to rebuild carburetor or just another new one