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Recommend a GCC spec car to buy in the UAE


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Hello Scottie! Thank you for all that I you do!

I just moved with my family to Abu Dhabi in the UAE. I have learned that they have GCC specs here on cars. I am thinking about purchasing a Mitsubishi Pajero- can you advise if this is a good vehicle. If not, can you recommend a car, truck, or SUV I should look into for the GCC specs. My price range is around $20,000-$25,000 USD. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Hi Mitchell,

I am in Kuwait. Misubishi Pajero is a great car. Multiple people in our family had the car before and it has gone upto 5,00,000 KM and more without any issues. However, they have never managed to comfort the back seats and front seats on the pajero. This has been the main downfall of Pajero. One of my uncles who owned it and he drives from Ajman to Ras Al Khamiah due to his work. He had a back pain issue due to the Pajero seat issues.

Best alternative now is a Montero. The new Montero is having better seating comfort. One of my colleages purchased it and seems like Mitsubishi have finally made it better. Mitsubishi's have excellent AC's too!. Next best alternative is a Prado used 2015-2018 which would fall into your price range.

Thank you for the response. I appreciate your comments and help!

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Mitsubishi Pajero- can you advise if this is a good vehicle.

The Pajero has legendary status among the off-roading communities. 

Other reliable alternatives are the Toyota Fortuner and the Isuzu MU-X.

If you’re looking at sedans and SUVs/trucks, then first decide what do you actually require.

The Camry/Accord are solid choices all over the globe. If you’re looking at trucks, then the Hilux is the default choice in the markets it’s sold in. Also the Mitsubishi Triton L200 and the Isuzu D-Max.

All the best!


Hey Mitchell I am also In the UAE and have been driving a 2006 GX470 for the past 3 years now it is still running in Excellent shape at 280,000 miles approximately. 

I would suggest at that budget since it wouldn't get a brand new SUV cars now are becoming more and more expensive especially new models.


At that budget your best bet would be  if you want maximum luxury at maximum reliability:

1. 2010-2013 Lexus Gx460 Excellent car with all luxury features and suitable for a family and above all DEAD reliable!

2. 2009-2011 Lexus Lx570 / Toyota Land Cruiser

Excellent vehicles that I don't think will ever be built at the same quality and toughness again and I think scotty has a video where he stated it could well be the best suv ever made. However, repair costs and maintenance might be a bit higher than a GX460. 

I would only buy one of these two If I were you to be honest and ditch any other car/alternative.


Best of luck! 

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Thanks for the comment! I do not require an off road vehicle. I am looking for something with a bit more room and I do not prefer to drive sedans/cars.  I just ran across Scotty's review on Lexus R-350 series. He says these run forever! I am hoping to find an older car that does not require a great deal of maintenance. (As I am sure this is an obvious statement) Do you think this would be a good option? If so, are there years that are better than others? Also, I am looking for a GCC spec car because I have heard it is difficult to have any other spec worked on here. Thank you again for the help! 

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I am looking for a car that will last and I noticed Scotty loves the Lexus RX-350 series. I wonder if there are particular years that are better than others? Also, I am looking for a GCC spec car because it is difficult to have any other spec cars worked on here in the UAE. I also wonder if the GCC spec changes Scotty's opinion on the Lexus RX series? Any help is appreciated!!