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2017 Mazda 2 ABS & TCS lights on


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Mazda owner from Ireland

Hey Scott love the channel thanks for all the wisdom I recently bought a Japanese import 2017 1.3 patrol skyactiv automatic transmission Mazda demio they call them Mazda 2 every where else when I start the engine ABS light and TCS DSC "traction control" light come on and stay on but after driving a few metres they go off should I be concerned ? P.S I have to disagree with you on the whole real Key Vs keyless start Before owning this car I had another Japanese import a 2016 Toyota Aqua hybrid I think you call them Prius C in the US great car I had to part with it because being intended for the Japanese market and it having a real key to start it no immobilizer is fitted scumbags kept trying to rob it I had an after market immobilizer fitted I even had steering wheel lock I tried everything they just kept coming for it cost me a fortune fixing the smashed glass every time. they are really thief magnets here in Ireland the scumbags even make videos on tiktok showing how easy they are to steal also how insane is that because of Brexit it is cheaper to import cars all the way from Japan then just across the sea from the UK crazy world

Thanks again for the videos all the best 

Have you already scanned the vehicle for stored trouble codes?

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I would say first check all the tire pressures to make sure they're correct. If you're low on tire sometimes it'll make the track go on and once the tires warm up and light goes off. If not that I would assume it is some type of minor flaw in the wheel speed sensors. Sometimes you can take them off the wheels and clean them. Pieces of magnet in them can attract metal parts that make them get wonky and then they can get rubbed off when you drive and then come back when you stop