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Repair or sell my wrecked 2009 Sportage?


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Hello , I recently just found your channel maybe a month ago . I'm 25 years old and just got my first vehicle back in September.  A 2009 Kia Sportage AWD V6 . Had 113000 miles and I've put about 10000 on it already . January 9th , I ended up hitting some ice in a bul*** situation , went straight towards a curb and had the passenger wheel hit at 15-20+ head on . Everything's broke . You name it its broken (Axle , knuckle , tie rod)  I even bent the subframe . . but as this is my first car and I have no experience I don't know what to do . I'm looking at 1500 to repair and I still owe 2500 on top of that . Would it benefit me to just say screw it and get a beater or to repair everything and hope for the best

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Posted by: @carnoob2023

I'm looking at 1500 to repair

Definitely repair it first, because hardly anybody will want a non-driveable vehicle. 

Once it’s back on the road, put it up for sale and see what happens..


The key factor these days is the insurance company. Was it declared non-repairable.  If so there is a record somewhere that might come back to haunt you if you sell it. Typically if the air bags deployed the cars a total and you won't be able to sell it anyway. 30 years ago  the feds required cars survive 5 mph crashes without damage. Not any more. Cars now are designed to crumble in favor of the safety of the passengers.

$1,500.00 does not sound bad although the bent sub-frame is scary. How do they propose to straighten that out?

It's a shame. It's sounds like you really liked the car. I would agree with Wingman. Spend the $1,500 and then sell it. It's worth nothing right now. I would keep the bent sub-frame under wraps. Take the money and buy it's replacement with cash. That way when you wrap it around a tree you can just walk away. Being in dept over a rapidly depreciating asset is foolish.  Usually the asset is not worth what you owe on it.

I am open to opposing opinions.

It's a Kia. I rest my case.