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Multiple electrical issues


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Hello Scotty I'm having some electrical problems with my truck when I turn the AC on the radio goes off and vice versa the front fuel tank will run for a while and then stop then I can switch tanks and switch it back to the front tank and it'll start back working for a while I also have the dome light that goes out and blows a fuse along with the instrument panel is it a computer issue or wiring harness issue. The truck has $289,000 mi on it but I was wondering if I should fix the problem or just start over


1996 Ford f150 5.0 automatic transmission

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Wow, such crazy problems are often a bad ground wear. So check all the ground wiring could be as simple as just a corroded ground wire or where it bolts on it's loose



Sometimes, a malfunctioning alternator can cause crazy electrical gremlins to surface.  Load test the alternator and battery to make sure they are functioning properly.