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Car randomly stalls


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I have a 09 Hyundai Genesis 4.6 sedan the mileage is 176233 for the past 3 months my car has been stalling while driving only to start up again in about 15-20 minutes or so the local mechanics shops and dealerships can’t seem to run the appropriate test to diagnose and fix the issues do you have any advice or suggestions that may help this desperate guy out?





sudan Muhammad 

Does it shake before going off, is the battery moving, is there any code? More details can help finding the cause. Walk through the entire process you can observe every time the car suddenly goes off, like how did it act and what did you specifically do.

Yes the car shakes when before it shuts off had it at the shop they replaced the battery and alternator no codes when it shuts off also rpm’s are moving up and down with rough idling usually starts back up after about 15-20 minutes as if nothing happened

how often did you run your vehicle on low fuel, prior to that?

Not often as low as it gets it’s about a quarter tank

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have it scanned for codes, NOT at a dealership.

Had it scanned no check engine lights were found


Not sure if this will help / apply to your case, but the only time I had intermittent stalls with no error codes and for no obvious reason was when my battery "+" terminal was shorting out against the ground. This shut down the ECU faster than it could react and generate any codes. 

In my case the reason was that the lower steel frame of the back seat reached low enough to sometimes - just sometimes - touch the plus terminal of the battery which in that car was located under the back seat.

Okay I understand my battery is located in the the trunk next to the spare tire I will check to see if all connections are secure I had my battery replaced during these issues but car is still randomly stalling also replaced alternator as well


Could be a failing fuel pump. Have you had it pressure checked?

Yes I had the pressure tested and they ruled out the fuel pump


Too vague.  Need more info.

The problems is the car stalled on me while I was driving had to pull off to the side of the road didn’t initially start back up very rough idling car shook when it shut off it did however start back up and then it shut down again was not able to start it up had it towed the the shop the guy said it was the Ecu but he was not qualified to replace it nor order the part. so I had it towed to the dealership when they went out to wiring car in shop the car was running without any present issues they however told me that it’s definitely not my Ecu but not sure what is causing the random stalling so I’m lost.