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which brand of oil should I buy


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scotty I have a 2012 Nassan Altima. I got It had 152000 now it has 165000. I have changed the oil 3 times I gave only 3700 for the car. I use full Synthetic. but it's made by providence automotive. I think its ok oil for 18 dollars for 5 quarts. my question is would you use this brand in any car. my opinion I would not use it in my 21 gladiator do you agree. thanks for your input. yes, I know you don't like new jeep product, but Toyota don't make a truck I can take the doors off and the top down.
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Welcome new member!  Most oil is fine.  Look for American Petroleum Institute (API) certification.  You can find more info with the search bar above.  [More important than oil brand is making sure you change it often and use a good filter.]



Well I've never seen that oil but all oils are rated with a little rating star. So check the ratings that meets the modern standards. It should be perfectly fine to use in any car


Often times, private label oil comes from Warren Oil. One of the biggest private label oil companies.  

Not sure if Providence Automotive is one of their customers.