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Steering tracking issue


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2001 Lincoln Town Car Signature/ I Love my Lincoln Townie. However, she has been upset with me these days and acting out. Steering the automobile and navigating around the Boulevard’s is getting like training a bourse under saddle. The steering wheel will turn from right to left without any apparent drag but slight corners make the driving a challenge. When navigating slight curves while traveling you have to saw the wheel so the vehicle will not over steer on its own. 
Seems the ball joints are ok and the steering box is good and unadjusted seems the only issue is bad shocks all the way around but I don’t travel at posted speeds. My mechanic is just that, not a technician.  I kind of like that. He will be checking the front end and has already suggested new shocks.  But the steering is a worry. The vehicle only has 177,000. Any further ideas ? 

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Well have another mechanic check the shock start there. If they are worn you're going to get squirrely staring. And have him check all the bushings on the suspension system too