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Toyota Corolla blower fan intermittently not working


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Hi Scotty I’ve got a 2002 toyota Corolla auto that’s done 330000 kilometres the cabin fan doesn’t always turn on when you switch the ignition on then a few minutes of driving it turns on. I have changed the heater resistor switch could this be a problem with the blower fan itself ?

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Posted by: @andrewlordy

could this be a problem with the blower fan itself ?


@andrewlordy, sorry you don't like the answer (downvote), but it is in fact the answer to your question.

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@doc, Usually I just ignore downvotes (it's anyone's right to disagree with me) but it just seemed odd that a direct and clear answer to a question would get that kind of response.


Check all the components of the system - fused circuit, heater fan selector switch, heater blower resistor, heater blower motor, etc.

Thanks for that as I mentioned earlier I’ll try the blower fan and hope it works


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Before throwing parts at the problem, it's better to check the components first to find out what is not working properly.  You may be needlessly replacing the blower fan, and still need other parts.

You’re right the option I haven’t looked at is maybe the fan switch itself. The reason for the fan replacement was that I had heard they can develop dead spots and with the vibration of the car they can start running again


That is about the age that the resistor or fan will go out, or both.

The good thing is, resistor is $15 and fan last time I looked on amazon was about $30, and both can be changed out in less than half an hour.

Sorry I see you already did the resistor.

Posted by: @andrewlordy

cabin fan doesn’t always turn on

whack it with a hammer. If it starts spinning, then it's gone bad.