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1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara jlx rear differential


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  • Hi Scotty I have a 1999 Suzuki grand Vitara 4x4 5speed manual transmission with 250,000 Miles and the rear differential was making some weird noises so I visited a local junkyard and find one in better shape than mine just the difference is that the vehicle was a 2000 Suzuki grand Vitara 4x4 with automatic transmission. Now my question is. It is compatible with mine I didn't find anything that actually identify the rear differential. I'm a big fan of yours. Thank you for read my message and hopefully you can guide me if is correct to replace mine for the one from the junkyard.  Thank you. 
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First find out what's making the noise. If it's just a pinion bearing or something then you're better off doing a repair than installing some mystery axle. Open the inspection cover, drain the fluid, and filter it for any metal chunks. Inspect the faces of the bevel gears for serious wear. The gear ratio should be stamped right on them. Make sure the replacement axle matches. The front and rear ratios MUST MATCH! Try to get the same year model and make sure the brakes, lugs, offset and track width match too.


Sometimes axle IDs are stamped right on the axle tubes (maybe buried under rust), and sometimes configuration codes are provided on a sticker too (RPO).



Like Joe said, the diffs have to match in ratio.  Look up what you have using your VIN and make sure. 


I would have checked for play where the driveshaft connects to the pinion yoke. Should have ZERO play. If not then it could just be a pinion bearing which you can replace. Will be some labor and pressing required but doable. I have done it myself with success.