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2003 Honda Civic Hybrid Sudden loss of acceleration


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First question I have is about a Honda Civic 2003 IMA Hybrid Manual. while I was driving with my wife to her parents house. we got on the highway and everything was running smoothly, after about 35 miles my car just suddenly ouldnt accelerate anymore. I pulled my car out to the side of the highway, placed my car in neutral and went to go check the engine. After a couple minutes later I put the car in first gear and tried to go, but it didn't go anywhere. It was able to accelerate but the car just moved maybe like an inch if really. Not sure what to do.

Second question I have is about a Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 SE, automatic transmission. I recently bought it from a friend cause he said he needed the money. After getting it towed to my place I asked him if anything was wrong, he told me he just tried to start it but it wouldn't turn over. Being the klutz I am I said ok. I know basic stuff about vehicles , so I went to check the fuses, fuel pump, battery etc. I installed a new battery, new alternator and new starter. Fuel pump was working so I didn't replace that. Replaced battery in key fob. Replaced ignition switch. after putting everything was done I tried to start it. It ended up turning on but it wouldn't crank. I'm stuck and not sure what to do anymore. I've looked at the forums for lancers but everyone tells me battery , alternator, starter. 

If you can help me with information or what you think I'd appreciate it. Stressing out since both my cars are Un-Op at the moment.

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Please one question at a time but from your symptoms it's your sounds like the transmission is going out on that vehicle.

when I put the car in 1-5 it won't accelerate. when I put it in reverse it'll gladly move back somewhat. when I start the car and put it into 3rd gear it doesn't stall or die like it's suppose to. would that be bad transmission or is it just the clutch?

Scotty does not answer follow up questions within a thread.

my apologies on that, just went to go look at it yesterday, added the info on it.


Honda Civic 2003 IMA Hybrid Manual. while I was driving with my wife to her parents house. (...) my car just suddenly wouldn't accelerate anymore.

It's a 19 year old Hybrid, I'd be extra ordinarily suspicious of the Hybrid system.

These kinds of issues are getting very common, Hybrids that just do not want to move - most of the time these issues can not be solved since pretty much no one knows how these hybrids actually work (specifics, not the general idea).

So far we have not found the issue that's causing it, but you case might be easier to diagnose since it's a manual.

When the engine is running, can you rev up in N? can you rev up in D? is there a way to see wether the clutch actually engages when you're trying to drive?

Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 SE, automatic transmission (...) It ended up turning on but it wouldn't crank

Do not just throw parts at a car, that never works.

100% of those parts could have been tested and you could've determined if replacement was necessary.


First of all the basics, check wether the car computer alive and does it inhibiting a start: (Assuming that it's an automatic)

  • First put the key in position II and look around,
  • does it register on the gauge cluster that it's in P?
  • if you shift to N does that register on the gauges?
  • is the reverse light on although it shouldn't?
  • If you plug in an OBDII scanner, can you read live data?


Using scotties video, and using the maximum amount of caution to not hurt your self or destroy what's left of the car:

  • Get an extension socket and put it on the crankshaft bolt - try to rotate it to see if the engine is seized up.

If it is seized, RIP to the engine. If it's not seized, the car is probably just not commanding the starter to engage.

  • If the engine isn't seized, take two jumper cables, connect them to the battery and try making the starter turn.

If it does turn then, you know it's something about the electronics that's acting funny.


Scotty's excellent no-crank no-start diagnosis video:


Update on the test results and I'll try to help from there.


If he sold you a not-running car - he probably did try to fix it himself (even if he says he didn't) so it ain't the obvious stuff, my intuition tells me it's a seized engine.


I'm stuck and not sure what to do anymore. I've looked at the forums for lancers but everyone tells me battery , alternator, starter

not surprising, they wouldn't know much about cars, if they have Lancers - just kidding, or maybe not. Laugh  

About 80% of those have the same CVT as in the Versa, the one that lasts 90k miles on average.

If you're lucky it has the more reliable version that lasts ~125k.

for the lancer , I'm able to turn it on.
it hust doesn't crank. All the lights appear., signals work, brakes work, moving it to P, D, N, R it all lights up, and it reads. It just doesn't crank when I try to make the vehicle run.

Try jumping the starter, if you can do it safely.