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[Solved] 2001 grand marquis transmission replacement


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I have a 2001 grand marquis with 137k miles.  It's the half year model 4.6 with the marauder upgrade.  I'm having two issues. I parked it 2 years ago when it lurched into my driveway and just felt wrong when I shifted the tree to park. It runs when I don't let the battery die. I'm just not sure if I should take it to a transmission shop or instead swap the transmission with a new or at least working one from a higher performance car with a 4.6. Second issue is where can I find a replacement windshield wiper transmission bar for it the one that goes between the two wipers. 

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Try online for the part on hemmings motor News. Answer the transmission I never liked trying use transmission you should never know if they're any good it's too big of a Gamble