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2001 Jag s type Inside the car blower turns on to high by itself


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Hello Scotty,, I bought a 2001 Jag s type 4.0 with 13,000 miles on it at an auction at bring a, Car had to be sitting someplace but i do not know the history,anyway while driving down the street leaving my house, the blower inside the car for heat/air started blowing on high all by itself? I did not turn it on and the only way to turn it off was to shut the car off. I am an older man and i don't know a damn thing about fixing them, i can drive them but i am a moron with working on them, The car i guess has a few little kinks from sitting but i do not think i am prepared to deal with and take up my time so i think after you try to help me get this blower thing straightened out i prob will sell it. Bought it for my wife to go to Fla but she will not be able to deal with the kinks,, the car is GORGEOUS and looks like a million bucks but it may need someone who likes to tinker,,, so anyway , HELP me with the blower turning on by itself, Thanking you in advance,, Steven

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20+ year old Jaguars do indeed need quite a bit of "tinkering", especially if they have sat 18 or so years of that. First thing, pull the fuse for the blower. Second, you could dive in with wiring diagrams, a multimeter and contact cleaner, but I'm guessing you aren't wanting to do that.

What I would do is find a reputable Jag mechanic to take care of the more important items so you can re-sell or drive it. Go to a "Cars and Coffee" event and ask the Jag owners there. Try this site