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2002 Lexus ES300 Check Engine Light


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Scotty, I have a 2002 Lexus ES300 with 130,000 miles. A few months ago the check engine light came on. I've taken it to three different mechanics.  The first one replaced a cam sensor and a camshaft position sensor (whatever those are).  That didn't fix the problem.  The second mechanic said that there is a problem with the timing belt. I had the timing belt replaced a year ago. So, I took it back to the mechanic who replaced the timing belt.  That mechanic said that the timing belt is fine. He thinks that the variable valve timing is mechanically stuck in one position, and to fix it he recommended that the engine be completely rebuilt.  Except for the check engine light being on, the car runs great.  The oil has always been changed on schedule. I'm in Houston. Any suggestions as to how I can get this problem fixed without spending a fortune, or is it time to junk the entire vehicle?  

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Well if it does get stuck the vehicle can run perfectly fine otherwise. But if it is stuck heck have the engine oil flushed out then change the engine oil and filter and sometimes that will on stick it