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2002 lincoln


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2002 lincoln LS V8   

Car dings-----says check transmission.....????

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So have the transmission checked. (You could look at simple stuff like fluid level and condition.)

Been to two trans shops, say nothing wrong with trans. Says it is electrical issue. Read U-tube post said it's coils.

Then that's what needs to be repaired.

Ignition coils cause odd lights to come on?????

You didn't specify what kind of coils, in fact you provided nearly zero information in your initial post.

It's pretty likely that your 21-year-old wiring, connectors, and modules are breaking down. Checking grounds is good place to start on an old car with electrical glitches. Testing with a high-end bidirectional scan tool and a scope may help pinpoint the problem.

Thanks Chuck, you are right, I didn't describe it very well. I'll try to find a shop to look at that issue. Was referred to one, but he isn't available for a few months?? I'll keep looking. I'm in Lynchburg, Va. if anyone has a recommendation.

I don't think we have any mechanic referrals in that area, but you can check in the site FAQ. Electrical problems in an old car can be a real bear to find especially when computer modules are involved. Like I said, grounds are a good place to start since those can deteriorate over time and cause all kinds of strange problems.

Is there a chart/diagram that would show ground points to check???

I'm sure there is, you'd need to either buy a shop manual for the car or do an online search to see if someone has a wiring diagram for it that they've put up. One ground point that tends to be overlooked is the one between engine and chassis.

Some libraries have shop manuals in their reference section. You could also get a short-term subscription to AllDataDIY.