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2003 buick rendezvous CX


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I have a 2003 buick rendezous CX all wheel drive with 164k.  It is making a houling sound when I do tight circles.  It also has generated a versatrack fluid leak in the rear differential.  My mechanic says the houling sound due to the rear differential having some damage. Some day this differential will die and then the rear wheels could lock up while driving making it unsafe to drive.  According to my mechanic GM does not make new differentials for this car anymore so the best solution would be to replace with a used one from another rendezvous with less miles on it.  I'm really not a fan of that.  I would want to put a new part in.  Do you know if this is true?  or does GM still make this differential for this car?  It runs great otherwise and I am interested in getting it fixed if it can be done right.


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Only you would know if it's the correct one but for a car that old I'd go with a J-Yard part.