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car refuses to go past 3000 rpm


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Hi, my 2003 Honda Accord 2.4L automatic has check engine light on and gives p0335 code and cranks for about 2 to 3 second before starting. The mechanic told me I need to fix the Crankshaft Position Sensor and the wiring. Right now, the car runs fine if it's below 3K rpm...the car refuses to go past 3000 rpm. I intend to replace the sensor myself, found lots of videos but nothing about the connectors. Can someone please help me with instructions on how to change the wiring? I couldn't find CKP sensor wiring on rockauto site, only Camshaft connectors. Are they the same? Please help. Thanks in advance!

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What you need to do is check for continuity and shorts from the sensor connector to the ECU connector and replace any damaged section of wiring, or the sensor connector if it is damaged. Typically you would replace bad wiring sections by soldering in replacements and sealing with heat-shrink tubing. Of course you'll also want to check the connector for corrosion or contamination and clean up as needed.


Start simple.

  • Find the sensor location on your engine (using the internet).
  • Is it mounted securely?
  • Unplug it.
  • Look into both connectors. Look for moisture, dirt, corrosion, etc.
  • Blow it out. If it looks ok, plug it back in . Then unplug it, and plug it back in again ... a few times. This will wipe the contacts and maybe restore the connection.
  • Start up and test drive.

if it still doesn't work ...

  • follow the wires. Observe the section from the connector to the sensor. Observe the section going into your wiring harness as far as you can. Are the wires damaged at all? Kinked, nicked, chafed, broken, etc.
  • Find the the nearest "ground". Is it clean and tight?


If you still can't find the problem then come back. It gets more technical after this.

Basic electrical knowledge, a circuit tester, and schematics are required.