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2003 Honda Pilot rear heater doesn’t blow heat


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Hey Scotty My rear heater on my 03 Pilot doesn’t blow heat out only blows cold. I can hear the fan for the cold blow but when I turn it to the heat I don’t hear nothing and it doesn’t blow. What could be the issue? It has 123,000 miles. 

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Well it probably has a problem with the blend door back there opening up to let the air go through the hot heater core in the back. But of course make sure that there's no air in the system cuz that's way back and sometimes air will get in there and it won't work right and you just low on coolant you need to purge the air out pray it's that easy

Ok, if it’s good on coolant what else could it be. It blows cold air but nothing when I turn on the heat in the back


Try checking the heater blower resistor.  AutoZone, #JA1672, rear resistor, $49.99.