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2003 Lincoln Town Electric Issue


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Hi all,

2003 Lincoln Town Car Executive w/ 80K miles

My rear passenger footwell light & locks stopped working all of a sudden. Posted about this issue into a town car group and advised this could very bell be the infamous Driver's Door Module (DDM). The Lincoln members mentioned that it's not required to match the exact part# of the item. it just had to have the same functions as mine & match the years it was compatible with (03,04,05)

And so I grabbed 2 modules from a junkyard, and 1 from Ebay. All 3 modules had different/similar issues to my original DDM. They all didn't resolve the issue from my original DDM (Footwell Light/Locks) & had a few more bugs than mine. It seems unlikely that I picked up 3 modules with the same problem as my original DDM, so I'm starting to suspect it may be fuse/wiring related but I'm not sure. Do you guys have any leads on what I can check to confirm whether or not the DDM is the issue? Thanks in advance.

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Just Lofi

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Buying automotive parts, especially electronic parts, on Ebay, is frequently a disaster.  Aside from getting OEM parts, I would trace the wiring back to the fuse and/or relay with special attention to the grounding conductors, and especially where the wires pass through the door jamb where they are exposed to repeated bending and strain.