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2005 Ford Freestyle - thougths?


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Hi guys - found a 2005 Ford Freestyle with 50,000 miles that belonged to an old gentleman who passed away. The car is in decent shape, with some repairable cosmetic things here and there, and in need of some polishing. No accidents, new tires, AC working etc. The relatives are asking for $3,900. I am planning on using it as a weekend car only for short trips outside of the city. Assuming the mechanic checks it and finds no issues, would you consider this a good purchase?

And in general, what are your thoughts on Ford cars/SUVs (not pickups)? Scotty mentioned once that it is perhaps the most reliable American car, but he was mostly referring to modern Fords and his reasoning was that they are specializing in good trucks and performance cars. What about older Ford cars and SUVs? 

Thank you!

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Those were okay cars. If it was taken care of it can be a good weekend car.

Thanks for the feedback!


They had weak automatic transmissions. If  a mechanic says its in good shape, offer 2500-3000 and don't go above 3 grand. For your purpose it could be alright.

Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully with only 50K the transmission holds!


Make sure the wheels aren't held on with J B Weld and the radio isn't smashed. Smile  

That sounds oddly specific, did that happen to you?


See below:  while definitely not my first choice, since it has only 50,000 miles and you plan to only use as a weekend car for short trips then it’s OK to get.  Pricing is not my forte so I will let others chime in on what you should pay.

Very helpful thanks!