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2005 Ford Mustang Gt ac condenser, replacement.


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My Ac just went out, come to find a rock puncher-ed my condenser, so will have to replace it, my question is what other components should i replace when doing this job.


2005 ford Mustang Gt convertible, v8 70000 miles.

Also previous owner put ac stop leak in it.

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Posted by: @glenn05mustang-gt

Also previous owner put ac stop leak in it.

Stop leak can destroy the system. Seal conditioner stop leaks are generally fine, but anything that plugs actual holes can lock the whole thing up. If they used the hole filler kind and it's been a while since they did it, you may have gotten lucky. Along with the condenser, the accumulator/receiver-dryer and the orifice tube/ expansion valve needs replaced at the least.  

This isn't a job for a basic wrencher, you'll want to thoroughly research how to do it. If you're good with numbers, you shouldn't have many issues. Be careful, the system pressures can get up close to 300 PSI.