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Should I buy a new 2022 Toyota Camry?


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Hello everyone, SimonCamry here and I am planning on buying a New 2022 Toyota Camry SE. I've got rid of all the optional bull crap and the price before tax seems reasonable. However,  I would like to know if being a guinea pig for a manufacturer is as bad as you say,if newer cars having electrical problems is a common issue and if buying a car right now is truly stupid in today's market. Thanks

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TMK, this generation Camry has been around since 2017. So the 2022 is probably the best new Camry you can get, since all the kinks will most likely have been worked out.

With that said, yes, it seems Toyota and most of the industry as a whole has moved more towards electric everything. With that said, although Toyota isn’t perfect, I would rather get a Toyota (or Honda,Subaru,Mazda), than any other car brand electric everything.  If there were a not so electrical everything on that market, with decent quality, that may be an option.  But it seems like that is slim pickings.


Scotty’s opinion on a TRD Camry -


buying a car right now is truly stupid in today's market

Buying new cars in today's market is usually not that bad, as long as the dealership isn't making "market adjustments" and if you're fine with the waiting time.

This generation of Camry has been out for a while and so far they seem to be excellent cars.


if buying a car right now is truly stupid in today's market.

The problem is no one knows when the market will cool down.  And even when it does cool down, don’t think that the prices and deals will go back to the ‘good old days’ of 2019.  Used car prices are so high compared to new (and in some cases exceed new) that it makes sense to buy new.

As for brand new sedans, you can’t do better than a 2022 Toyota Camry.  This generation first came out for 2018 model year so it’s had 4-5 model years to work out the kinks.  That being said, no one knows if this generation Camry will be like the old ones that could go 300/400/500,000+ miles.  Almost all new cars are disappointments these days, but relatively speaking the Camry still ranks at the top for sedans you can buy today.

If I was in the market for a new sedan, I would still take a chance on a new Camry.