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Mercedes sprinter passenger van v6 desiel reliable?


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 Debating between Ford transit (v6 ecoboost) and Mercedes sprinter passengers (V6 desiel)?  Which one of these is more reliable?  Not sure about the transmission for each. Sprinter has 6 years warranty or 300k miles?  Please share any opinion for the 2.  Cons vs pro? This is for family van. Thank you. 

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On the Sprinter:

Well the Mercedes Sprinter has been the gold standard of vans for a while.


The 2022 Sprinter is brand new generation with what seems to be a brand new V6 engine.

The 4 cyl. diesel isn't as great as a V6 but they're also quite alright, usually you can get 250k miles out of it.

Both have the same "7G-Tonic Plus" transmission, and usually these are the weak spot (especially if you drive fast)


Although there isn't any concrete information that I'm aware of, the warranty, if true, it does suggest the lifespan.


I'd go with the Sprinter if new,

I see these everywhere - even as City buses (at least where I live) and people who own them swear by their reliability.

Also consider the resale value in your area compared to Ford.


On the Transit:

Ford's 3.5L EcoBoost ins't great, neither is the 10 speed SelectShift -

It's basically a downgraded engine from a pre-2017 F-150 and the transmission out of a new one.


It's not great, at all.


The Mercedes is more reliable and the better choice. Don't even think about the Ford.

Mercedes cons: expensive, too much electronics

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Thank you for your expertise. Greatly appreciated 


Where can I get a 6 year / 300k mile warranty?  That is amazing.  

The best I could find on the website was 7 years / 140k warranty.

Do commercial-type vehicles usually have a longer warranty? Are they usually built to last longer?

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Apology for the mistyped.  The best I could find on the website was 7 years / 140k warranty.