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2007 Infiniti g35x - limp mode


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So I had a bad oxygen sensor and so I went to get it off with an oxygen sensor wrench and it wouldn't come off.   It finally came of...with the nut that was welded to the catalytic converter.   So I bought ebay catalytic converter and put it on along w new oxygen sensor but it still sounds like it has an exhaust leak.  It's still sounding loud.   And when I tried driving it, it was working OK at first but loud exhaust sound. Then it went into a limp mode and would hardly go 5mph.    I barely got home.   Have you heard of this limp mode before?  What is solution to this problem? And could exhaust cause the limp mode?

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Exhaust leak will definitely cause reduced power but shouldn’t necessarily cause limp mode. You need to figure out where the leak is coming from. If it’s as bad as it sounds and is venting out onto any part of the harness it could cause melting and a limp mode scenario