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AT-205 availability


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Hi Scotty!

I have enjoyed so much your videos and have saved thousands of dollars based on your advice.  My Question:  I have used AT-205 in my steering rack with great success, and wanted to try it this time to treat all of the rubber bushings on my 1991 BMW 318i.  I sprayed some lithium greese on some of them and noticed an immediate difference, however, I think the AT-205 would be more permanent.   I cannot find AT-205 anywhere now! I Dont Know   Do you know if it is still available??  Thank you, Al  

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It is but there is an issue supplying it at this time.


Silicone is also a great protectant for rubber.

Comes in tubes of grease, oil or spray can. 

I use the "Super Lube Oil" on the door weatherstripping.  Doesn't attract dirt, and stays a long time.