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AT-205 Alternative, best recommendations?


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Hi Scotty.  Apparently (sadly) AT-205 has been discontinued, or will not be available for some time.  Do you have any recommended best alternative or know of anything that may be coming out to replace it? 


Also, I'm buying a 2007 Nissan Xterra with about 200000Miles on it and I want to, upon getting it, basically give it every PROACTIVE treatment I can (as I'm not as familair with its history as I'd like to be), in terms of treatment products. 

Tranny, Diff, Engine, Coolant, Steering, 4wd, brakes...anything else tat can be addressed to help seals, clean pathways, etc. (I know AT-205 used to be the "Go-to" for a lot of it). Have you ever considered doing a video (or making a "master list") where you take a "mystery car" (history wise) and show what to do to start off on the best possible footing instead of just waiting for a problem to prevent itself?   I think that would be great, because we can always talk to the owner, but usually dont have the benefit of a lie detector or the 3 previous owners before that one.  So much snake oil out there. Thanks for always being a great guide! 

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AT-205 has not been discontinued. It is out of stock through the end of the year due to chemical shortages.

The best replacement is making a permanent fix to whatever is leaking. No need for a band aid if you solve the actual issue.


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