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2007 Toyota Highlander Question about the Car not starting


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Hi, I was jump starting my 2007 Toyota highlander car because the battery was low. I put the jump starter in and it made a loud noise like the noise when someone breaks into your car. it kept making that noise so then I took the jump starter out because I thought I was damaging the car. Can you please let me know if I should continue to jump start the car again? What is the problem? Why is it making that loud noise when I jump start the car. The lights turned on but when I turned the Key the car didn't start and the loud noise was on, but I quickly took the jump starter out so not sure if I should have waited. Let me know thank you!

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The loud noise is probably there to let you know you connected it incorrectly. 

Red clip should go to the red terminal. Black clip should go to a ground. A ground is a bare piece of exposed metal on the car. 

read the manual. It will tell you something similar to what I am saying.