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2008 honda civic brake problems


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I had sticking calipers so I changed the front calipers,hose, pads and rotors. Still had sticking back caliper which I think was due to my parking brake sticking after being engaged then disengaged. I changed the back calipers,pads,hoses and rotors.

I bled the brakes all the way around in the order honda says to.

When the engine is off the brake pedal is stiff and firm.

I know the brake booster should make the brake pedal push easier but I feel the brake pedal goes down to far with the engine running but when I drive it the braking power is good once the brakes start grabbing. 


I'm thinking either the master cylinder or brake booster .open to ideas.


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Could be either, in fact, Scotty just made a video about a similar question (watch from 07:58) - 


Yep, master cylinder could have an internal leak and/or booster could be getting weak 


might have just a few bubbles of air trapped old trick on motorcycles is to pump up the lever and tie it up with pressure and let it sit overnight the pressure in the system makes the bubble move now theirs no lever on a car but I've used a snowbrush jammed on the peddle and seat to get the same effect then a quick bleed and see if it works at least it only cost time to try


How are you bleeding the brakes? Those self vacuum bleeders are nice, but to be honest they only work for me when doing a single caliper swap. Nothing can really substitute someone in the cab, “pump em up!” “Ok now hold!” Bleed til pedal hits the floor and Repeat. Especially when you have replaced them all. I’d bleed them again before I replaced anymore parts.