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Doing a coolant flush for the first time


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Scotty, i am a very long time follower of your's. My wife and i own a 2017 Mitsubishi mirage g4 ES, the base model it has 115,000 miles on it,  It is 5,000 miles away from needed fresh coolant. Would it hurt the car if i took the old coolant out now and put fresh in? 

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Of course not, make sure to flush the entire system, not just the radiator.


And use the specific OEM or OEM-spec coolant for your vehicle. Don't "mix and match" coolant types and don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

I'd also suggest a special (not expensive) spill proof funnel, for burping the system. It has multiple attachments for different types of radiator caps, if you're DIYing it.


No it won't hurt it