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2009 Chevy traverse LT automatic 230,000


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Hey Scotty I have a really big issue, right now I have two blown head gaskets and I keep on hearing off and on that you can access the head gaskets without extracting the whole engine. I have a 2009 Chevy traverse, I know prototype here and not the best. But having three kids this much space this must a combination and only spending $2,500 bucks on a car that was 5K I would really like to keep the car. How can I access the cylinder heads and extract them without removing the engine or the timing chain. Might be a whole video but at least it's something that you can look at. Thank you very much and I appreciate it. All of this happened after I changed the spark plugs and the ignition coils. And this whole debacle started from an bank two downstream O2 sensor  Scared Crying  

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Honestly, may be time to part with the car. Most people dont get 230k out of those trouble free, so be thankful there. 

Looking at your current situation, you have a car with two blown headgaskets, yes in theory they could be replaced, but I mean, with two blown headgaskets, 230k miles, and its almost 14 years old, the rest of the engine is probably worn out too, or at least getting there. So is it worth doing that work? Not to mention, your transmission also has all the mileage and use as well (assuming its original).

This car has the "LLT" engine, theyre actually solid engines, but it has DOHC, and massive timing chains going up into the heads. This makes removing the heads difficult, you need to remove the timing chain (and other components to access the timing chain) just to pull the heads. You'll also need to make sure that you dont mess the timing up when reinstalling the heads, which is its own task. I believe these are also transverse engines, making the back head harder to access without pulling the engine. So, doing head gaskets is not something I recommend. 

Now, if you really like that car, and the rest is in great shape (transmission, interior, electrical systems, no rust) it may be worth looking to getting a new engine put in the thing. But that may be hard to find, and is only really worth it if you can get a decent warranty with it too.