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Should I change the ATF


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hello, I recently bought a 2009 Toyota Corolla S (1.8) and I noticed unusual noise when I shift to reverse or Drive mode. It’s not crazy but I would like to replace the transmission oil on it. But I keep getting told that if there’s no problem, not to touch it, but the Corolla has over 220,000 miles on it and I don’t know if it has ever been through a transmission fluid change. So can I get advice on rather to do it or leave alone?

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Welcome to the forum. There is a nice discussion of this in the FAQ.



You may want to sign up on the toyota website and put the vin number of the vehicle in as yours. It will show the service records, and it may just show a transmission service, it did for my old Matrix.


That's kinda high mileage to start messing with transmission fluid, especially not knowing the history. I'd probably just deal with the noise, especially if it runs fine. If you really want to address it then only do a simple drain and fill, keep old fluid in case it goes bonkers so you can drain out and pour old fluid back in. 

That doesn't work as easily as it sounds with a drain and fill. It will work for a full fluid exchange. A drain and fill removes normally about a third, then you put a third back in and it mixes with the rest of the fluid. Once that happens you can't just drain out the third you put in.

Oh, I see your point. I just did my process earlier this year and it worked! I had shuttering between 30-40 mph and after my drain and fill no more shuttering, and no fluid was ever changed on mine until 160K.