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2009 dodge 1500 fobik key


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Hello everyone, had a 2009 ram 1500 to add key and it failed to add key. Have the right pin and I've done many before without a problem. What I noticed. The steering lock is always off with or without key but I can command it on and off and I hear it click but does not engage. System invalid. but all works fine no check engine no codes except for the wrong key when tried to program. Asked customer and he said he replaced pcm/ecu with a remand one, they precoded and wrote vin all he did was plug and play, but now only has one key and the remote part failed so he wanted 2 more programmed . System says 2 keys programmed but fails each time to add key. So it's either a pcm/ecu or an ignition but there's no faults all system checks ok so I wonder if the remand ecu has the elv off or is programmed to a different kind of system. How would I go to find any issues as there's no dtc's present and everything works flawless with the one key. Tried adding 5 different keys all failed. Thank you for any information. 

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I would assume it's a problem with the ECU myself. But even I don't have equipment that can test that crap out. I've seen locksmiths will even give up on those dodge systems like that. So perhaps try to find a really good auto locksmith and let them look at it. They do that for a living and they can find stuff I know systems using their special scanners that regular mechanics don't mess with because most guys like me hate messing with those key systems. They are such a pain in the ass

Thank you for answering. I just got it figured out like 2 hours ago. First the used pcm had the wrong miles on itn adjusted to make the same as speedometer, secound did a vin check and it had both vins stored so I re-sync the pcm with the cars vin again and then did a reset after that I went and added one key it worked but failed on the second so I exit the whole system and went back in and added 2 more flawless. Thank you. Love this channel and the help it gives. 😀