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2012 Mazda 6 Clutch pedal stuck to the floor


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I hope someone can help me with my situation. I saw that this issue has been answered before on a mazda 3 and Mr. Scotty also made a youtube video on it as well. But I think my situation is a little different. 

I started with one day out of nowhere my clutch pedal just dropping to the floor and not coming back up. No prior issues with shifting or any other clutch problems that I experienced. My mechanic tried bleeding the hydraulic system but no help, so we replaced both master and slave cylinders and that got it working.

But the problem came back after about 7 mos., with one noticeable difference. I was able to shift gears to drive the car by picking up the clutch with my foot or hand and pressing again to engage the gear, but this time I don't know why it would not let me engage the gear. So I just thought that one of the cylinders went out. I had a transmission shop diagnose the problem and they said its the hydraulic system failure, meaning one or both cylinders are probably bad. So I went ahead and replaced both cylinders again since they were under warranty. But sadly this time it didn't resolve the issue. Some online research mentioned that it could be the clutch release bearing. so went a head and bought a new clutch kit since it also came with the release bearing.

Even that didn't solve the issue, my mechanic mentioned that the clutch pedal might be cracked or damaged as there was too much play in the movement of the pedal, so got a pedal from the salvage yard and tried that, still no luck.

I went ahead and replaced the slave and master cylinders one more time, but sadly no result.

So this is where I stand now, all this work done and money spent on the parts and labor, but the pedal is still staying down

So I am hoping that may be there is someone out there with some knowledge or experience with the same issue and has a fix to my problem. Because now my mechanic is lost, he does not know what else to do.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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You need to find a better mechanic.  These are not very complicated systems to figure out.

I understand that and appreciate you checking my post. But that still doesn't help me, my car has been worked on by 3 different mechanics and they have all gotten stuck at the point that they don't know what to do after replacing the master and slave cylinders and bleeding and re-bleeding the system.
That's why I was hoping that may be someone had gone through the same issue that could guide me as to what can be done more or what have I missed checking