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2013 spark rear washer relay malfunction B3811


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Hi my Girlfriends 2013 chevy spark LS 80000+ miles (it's on the low end). The first problem was the  Ignition switch would lock the key at wouldn't start the car.

  Then I plugged up my battery tester it's a cheap one from aliexpress. But it seemed to have brought power back online after hooking the connectors.  On that cheap $3 battery tester and said that there was an alternator fault.  I double checked by plugging out my blue driver to check for fault codes and we gotta B3811  Which it says it's a rear washer relay circuit malfunction. 

With that said  I double checked on the alternator with a Black and Decker smart fully automatically electronic battery charger and ran an alternator test which  in an alternator test which came out fine there's nothing wrong with the alternator. 

But online did say that the relay for the washer can Leach off power when the car is not on maybe that's why it didn't turn on or the key will lock. 

Also I removed the fuse to the rear washer I believe that should stop the leaching. 

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What is the question exactly?


So is the car running now minus the rear washer?